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    Department of HISTORY

    Brief Introduction

    The Department of History at Manohar Memorial College offers History as an elective subject at Under-graduate Level. The study of History provides in-depth analysis and understanding of the progress of mankind throughout the world. It enables the students to develop a historical perspective about development in India as well as all the significant events of the world. It also helps them to understand the cause and the consequences of the event historically. Besides the teaching, the department has also developed a Museum with rare collection of antique items. It helps the students preparing the civil and other competitions. The students of this Department show great participation in various inter-college and University competitions. The faculty consists of dedicated and experienced teachers.

    Academic / Extracurricular Activities

    The Department of History organises Seminars, Extension Lecturers and other Programmes every year to enhance academic and literary interest of the students.  From the last three year the students take part in Exhibition of Harynavi Old Antique Collection on the occasion of Ratnawali at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and every year the students of this Department bagged first position in the exhibition on Haryanvi old antique collection in which more than 2,000-year-old bricks, surahi, katore, terracotta bowls, bangles, statues, bids and Haryanvi old dresses etc, were exhibited. The Department has also rich collection of old coins, which were collected from the old sites of Fatehabad district.







    Dr Surender pal Singh